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Decorative Shape

Available Services & Pricing


Botox $12/unit

Jeauveau $12/unit

Daxxify starting at $7/unit (typically requires double the units for longer lasting results) 


Typical dosing estimates (not Daxxify)

Forehead & "11's"- 25-40 units

Crowsfeet- 15-25 units

Masseters for jaw clenching- 40-50 units

Lip flip- 5-10 units

Neck (Platysmal bands)- 8-12 units/band

Corners of mouth- 5 units

Chin- 5-10 units


Fibroblasting (plasma pen)-

All plasma treatments do have 3-7 days of reddness and downtime


Plasma peel- $500 

Upper eyes- $600

Lower eyes- $500

Forehead- $1,200

"11's"- $300

Lip flip- $350

"Smoker's lines" upper lip- $350

"Smoker's lines" lower lip- $350

Lower Facelift- $1,300+

Dermal Fillers Juvederm or RHA

Dermal Fillers Juvederm or RHA


starting at $650-$1000/ syringe (full, not half syringe)

Typical treatment areas:

Lips-  1 syringe

Mid face (cheeks)- 1-3 syringes

Nasiolabial folds- 1-2 syringes

Jaw line- 2-6 syringes

Marionette lines- 1-2 syringes

Periorbital lines "smokers lines"- 1-2 syringes


*Please note these are typical amounts, your treatment will vary based on goals and outcomes. Please schedule a free consultation with your provider. Additional areas are available for treatment.

IV Therapy

Starting at $150

IV therapy for hydration, hangovers, wellness and immunity start at $150.


Price increases depending on additives chosen for specific treatment goals.

                 Chemical Peels

Chemical peels-

(5-12 days of redness and peeling)


Medium peel- $200

Deep peel- $250+

Other Services

Scar revision, mole removal and other body lifting procedures are available. Please call, text, or schedule a free consultation for more information.

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